Our Campers

The California and our Crafter are perfect for reaching any point you propose, without sacrificing the comfort of a kitchen and an integrated refrigerator or mattress bed with sheets. You can go near or far, your comfort of driving, its little weight and ergonomics will take you comfortably wherever you want. Ways by freeway or by small tracks, its moderate dimension, 4.90 meters long and 1.90 meters high, will allow you to move agile on these lands. And if at the end the city calls you you can travel around the city with ease and even enter the basement car parks in most cities.

But if you still want to travel even more comfortable and not give up an authentic house with wheels, then the Crafter is your vehicle, good traffic on the highway, you can go through the clues, and when Paris enjoys all the comforts of your dining room, kitchen or Even toilet with shower.

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California Beach

From 100€ / day

California Ocean

From 120€ / day


From 125€ / day

Grand California

From 150€ / day