California Ocean

California is a vehicle designed to travel comfortably and easily as if you were with your usual vehicle, but with the advantage that it is a functional vehicle that will allow you to spend the night in any place you have available, and you can travel and sleep 4 people.

The Ocean is the most equipped of the California family. At the wheel, all the technology of a Volkswagen, Bluetooth radio equipment, speed control, USB plugs and lighter to load your gadgets. The comfort is guaranteed with double-conditioning, front and rear equipment and at night the stationary heating will allow you to have an optimal temperature with the engine off.

When you stop you will enjoy all the elements of Camper that carry the same, extendable awning on the side, board game and two camping chairs.

If all this was not enough, we have a list of other facilities that we can rent to make your trip more satisfactory

 Cap de setmana3-6 dies7-14 dies+14 dies
Temporada altaN.D.N.D.140€130€
Temporada mitja280€140€130€120€
Temporada baixa280€130€120€110€
Temporada alta: Juliol, Agost i ponts Abril a Octubre amb S.Santa
Temporada mitja: Abril, Maig, Juny, Setembre i ponts de Novembre a Març
Temporada baixa: Resta de dies

Based on a 150-horse diesel engine and manual change

Their contained sizes, 4.90 m. length and 1.99 m. They will allow you to enter all the car parks in the city and travel by road as if you were with your private car.

When it’s time to rest, its two beds, the upper one appears when you unfold the ceiling and the lower part, which we form through the fold of the back seat, can rest up to 4 people.

And if that is not enough, the Ocean comes equipped with interior furniture that includes; cupboards of different sizes to be able to store all your goods and clothes. You will also have the kitchen that consists of two-stove kitchen, dishwasher sink and 40-liter refrigerator