Rent and Go

Rent and Go and No Worries. If you’re coming from afar, but you want to complicate your life by preparing the whole equipment for the van or you simply do not have the equipment and should buy it, Campermóvil offers you this service to save you, time, work and headaches . You are worried only about your adventure, your clothes, your gadgets, the rest is something of Campermóvil.

When you arrive, you will find the California point for your trip, do not worry about anything else, all the bedding, kitchen and camping equipment necessary for your trip, even what you do not think you may need. For a price, regardless of the days of your trip. Consult the FAQS list to see in particular that it includes the Rent and Go package. In addition, if all this is not enough we have even more options, you can complete your Campermobile with the rest of the accessories, such as GPS, toilet seat, or additional chairs. We will be happy to hear if you have any additional needs.

We have two packages:
– Convenience Personal kit

Package for one person, made up of all the clothes for sleeping, pillow, sack or blanket, sheets, towels, flat and bottom dishes, cereal bowls, cup for coffee, glasses, fork knife, large and small spoon and toilet paper.

The price is 50 euros, the package

Convenience Kitchen and Camping Kit

Includes all the kitchenware necessary for cooking, casserole, paella, spoon, cleaning utensils, opener, knife, scissors, cutting board, kettle, Led solar camping lighting, outdoor mat, kitchen cloth and a rope to hang clothes.

The price of the package is 95 euros