Quality and comittment

Campermóbil is born from the passion of the trip and the California vans, founded since and from a Volkswagen dealership by a team of campers, we wanted to make our vehicles customers available so they can try them and if they like them repeat. Our goal is to put everything you need so that your adventure is unforgettable.

We are committed to:
– Always have new vehicles, with all the revisions with all the necessary security features.
– Vehicles clean and checked in and out after each service.
– The best, most authentic and mythical of the current camper vehicles, The Volkswagen California.
– With the maximum equipment for your adventure, it is complete.
– If it is not enough with the basic equipment we offer options tailored to your needs.
– Freedom of movement throughout Europe, without restrictions of countries or distances.
– We get involved in your trip if you need it and we can help you both in logistics and in the way.
– To have a clear and fair price for the given service, with understandable and sensible conditions for the use of the vehicle that do not make your adventure complicated and uncertain.